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1st - 5th of March, 2007


Tricky Women Festival 2007

The digital animation film "IMPACT/REACTION" will be screened at Tricky Women 07! Go and watch femal animation films from March 1-5 in Vienna!
"2007 sees the fourth edition of Europe´s first and only animation film festival dedicated exclusively to female animation."

-> Tricky Women
Look for the programme "Up & Coming Austria":
Sa 03.03.2007 at 4pm
Mo 05.03.2007 at 10pm

23rd of Feb, 2007


Radio Orange

ORANGE 94.0 is Vienna's first and only free radio. In "Kulturschiene" will be a presentation of the Tricky Women Festival 2007 and a short interview with organizer Birgitt Wagner and artist Doris Krane.

Listen to it in Vienna at 17:30, Friday 23.02.2007 on UKW 94.0 MHz!

-> Radio Orange online

28th of Nov, 2006


Forum Mozartplatz

Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu curated austrian shortfilms for the Forum Mozartplatz in Vienna. "320times: break out in spots" will be screened there and you can think about: "Wieviel Kunst verträgt der Film?"

-> Info-PDF (in german for download)

28th of April, 2006


Festival der Gärten, Lower Austria

The new VISUALS-PROJECT blends nature photographs and floral elements to an impressive float of pictures. To see on 28th of April at the concert of Christina Zurbrügg in Altenburg/Lower Austria in the context of the FESTIVAL DER GÄRTEN (gardensfestival).

-> Festival der Gärten
-> Christina Zurbrügg

7th of April, 2006



The INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL session#6 in Lille/France (30th of march till 8th of april 2006) has selected the CIMATICS compilation: HUMAN TOUCH, and so "Contorted Reverb" will be screened on 7th of April!

CIMATICS about the compilation: "A selection of movies thematically compiled around the fact that they use the camera as the primary source. The world is a playground that can be recreated to the artist’s desires. Reality is depicted or transformed into something new!"

-> International Short Film Festival # 6 Lille

15th and 16th of
November, 2005


SCREENSESSIONS2 - Videoscreenings and live gigs
"Contorted Reverb" is one of 24 musicvideos that will be screened on 15th of November at the Filmcasino Vienna.

On 16th of November our band "Krane" will PLAY LIVE at the bar "Rhiz"!!! Free entry. Please, show up! Thanks a lot to Marco Celeghin and the PuraVida-Team!

-> pura vida - screensessions2
-> Rhiz
-> Filmcasino Vienna

26th October to 06th of
November, 2005

CIMATICS.05 - International Festival for Live Audio Visual Arts & Vj'ing in Brussels, Belgium

"Contorted Reverb", will be screened at "Cinema Nova" between October 27th - 30th!

"CIMATICS is an international platform and festival for live audiovisual arts & vj'ing. [...] CIMATICS presents productions that explore performance concepts and the interaction between different media formats in an innovative manner and view."

-> Cimatics.o5

7th to 18th of
September, 2005

VIDEOLISBOA 5th Inter-national Video Festival

International Premiere for "Contorted Reverb" in Lisbon! (YEAH! :-)

"320times: Break Out in Spots" and "Contorted Reverb" take part in the festivals new and so-called program "Lounge". It shows "video art works that reveal outstanding combinations of music and image".

­> Videolisboa

12th to 18th of
September, 2005


"320times: break out in spots" will be screened at the Ludwigsburg European Short Film Biennale held from 12th to 18th September in the programm "Amour Fou pour vous". This programm presents films of Amour Fou Filmproduktion like Bady Minck's "In the Beginning was the Eye" or Thomas Woschitz's "The Josef Trilogy".

See also:
Ludwigsburg European Short Film Biennale
Amour Fou Filmproduktion Vienna
Bady Minck
The Josef Trilogy

March/April 2005

Repérages - the french film magazine - notes "320times: break out in spots" in their preview of the Némo Festival:

[...] Du pur abstrait autrichien mais néamoins coloré et délicat avec 320 Times : Break Out In Spots de Doris Krane, de làrt video émouvant avec […]” (Repérages spécial: Cineas de demain/Nr.49)

5th to 10th of April, 2005

"320times: break out in spots" was screened two times at the Némo Film Festival.

Such a great festival! An Absolutely uncommercial and definitely cool festival. And all those great films that try to explore something special in visual ways. Thanks to their “créateurs” and thanks to Nicolas Schmerkin (that funny man.)
And of course: Paris is an incredible city! Really loved to be there! :-)
Location: Forum des images – Paris

16th of March, 2005

Presentation of my films "320times: break out in spots" and "Contorted Reverb" at the Club Interdisziplinär
Location: Museumsquartier/Electric Avenue/ Monochrom - Vienna
Time: 8 pm
With Barbara Blümel, Konrath Christoph, Doris Krane and Georg Bauernfeind.
Organised by Alfons Bauernfeind. (Merci, merci.)

11th of March, 2005

Visuelles Symposion
für surrealistische Forschungen
(Experimental and surrealistic film-event)
Time: 9 pm
Location: Schikaneder Cinema – Vienna

Thanks for coming and all the good feedback for my Contorted Reverb!
Muchas gracias to Andy ­> www.redindy.com